Make Magazine Shootout Objects

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Make Magazine Shootout Objects

Post by kerog »

I printed the Make Shootout objects using the SFACT profiles from Felix with very good (virtually perfect scores) results.

I don't get nearly as good results (particularly on bridging and overhang) using other slicers. I'd be very curious to see if anyone has Cura settings dialed in well enough to do the bridging nicely.

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Post by satoer »

Yeah, the settings of the slicer is so important for good prints. For every object that I print I use custom slicer settings. It totally depends on the model and usage.

The "trick" with large overhangs is to print the inner parameters first.
This was sliced with Slic3r, it's halve a inner sphere and printed upside down. The layers near the middle are almost horizontal and still printed perfectly. (Layer height 0,2mm with a speed of 150%)

Still haven't a favourite slicer, they all have their ups and downs. But I use Sfact less and less... it's such a slow slicer. Even on my 32 core 3 Ghz Xeon workstation I can drink a cup of Thea before it finishes a 15x15x15cm object.
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