FELIX 1.0 ---> 1.5 upgrade instructions

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FELIX 1.0 ---> 1.5 upgrade instructions

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This is a small instruction manual to assemble the Felix 1.5 upgrade parts.

This instruction is valid if you want to replace only the required parts upgrade your printer to the latest revision.

If you ordered a different color and want to replace all parts, then the best thing to do is to carefully unmount remount all the parts module wise and take the latest manual as reference.

In the upgrade kit there are two extra bearings added. We've received a tip from a Felix user to mount two bearings on top of eachother instead of one bearing with two guiding washers on the side (see picture below). This results in much less friction for the y-axis belt.

The following steps we take to upgrade the Felix 1.5 when only replacing the necessary parts.

- Put the printer on wide beam on the table.
- Unscrew the two bolts which hold the y-axis guide to the big fork of the z-axis
- Remove the 4 bolts on the side of the y-axis guide
- Replace the belt guiding bearings according to the picture.
bearings to guide belt y-axis.png
bearings to guide belt y-axis_detail.png
- Place the new fork on there according to the manual

- put the table on a flat surface.
- Unscrew the bolts of the guide and place the new guide according to latest user manual
- Mount the table onto the z-axis fork

x-axis extruder.
- Put the printer on it's feet
- Unscrew the parts from the x-axis motor bracket
- Unscrew the parts from the extruder
- When plastic parts removed put the motor carefully on the top beam of the frame, to not put to much tension on the cables.
- Mount the new rail loosely.
- Mount the x-axis motor bracket and belt holder parts with the belt already in it.
- Position the rail according to the user manual and tighten it.
- Follow the manual to mount the new extruder parts

Electronics case
- Remove the old case
- To really tighten the cable mess of the powersupply follow the manual on this. You can cut almost all cables short and place them inside the electronics box
- Follow the rest of the manual to mount it onto the frame.

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