E-step calibration

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E-step calibration

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I'm curious why I haven't seen any discussion of E-step calibration on this forum. I was working with a different printer and had cause to do it, really a very simple process. Made me wonder if my Felix was properly calibrated; I'd been getting pretty good prints all along, so I never really thought about it. So I went through the process, and found out my E-steps were overextruding by about 10%. But I also noticed that the various Felix slicing profiles all put flow rate at about 90%. So I'm wondering, is the E-step scale factor deliberately set high, and the 90% is just compensating for that? If so, why?

Anyone else do this calibration? It's not in the Felix manual, but there's a good outline of how to do it here: https://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/proje ... libration/. The process is basically the same for the Felix.

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Hi Kerog,

This has been discussed.... Just with a different heading.

http://forum.felixprinters.com/viewtopi ... rate#p2643

All said and done yes I agree extruder calibration play a huge role in getting consistent quality prints, and needs to be checked/adjusted on a regular basis. Especially when changing filament types.


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