Another rock solid Z axis home reference

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Another rock solid Z axis home reference

Post by pvico »

Hi all,

GGY made a very nice and simple device to replace the standard Felix Z axis home reference. However, I could not find a suitable spring to use it, so I designed my own.

This one is quite more bulky but uses 2 common rubber bands instead of springs, is accessible from the top of the printer and has a x2 reduction factor, allowing for fine grain control: one turn of the knob results in a change of 0.5 mm of Z home position.

See the attached PDF file for details.

[EDIT: the trapeze thickness has been increased, the vane length increased by 2 mm]
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Z Axis Home Reference for Felix 3D Printer.pdf
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Post by janwijbrand »

I would be very interested in this upgrade/hack. However the files referenced are not longer available for download in the forum :(

Can you perhaps re-upload the files?

@Felix Printers, are files removed after a certain period of time?
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Post by ElektrOpa »

Hi, I'm also interested in the files, but they seem to be removed. At least they cannot be found anymore.

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