Motor feeding pla into extruder clicking 10 mins after start

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Motor feeding pla into extruder clicking 10 mins after start

Post by strongboynyc »

The motor that pushes the pla into the extruder starts clicking after it is about 10 mins into the print and the pla stops completely. I tried adjusting the step motor pot turning it straight up. Does turning the pot to the right lower or raise the power? Can someone please explain to me how or why this works? How can I fix this problem?

This only started after upgrading from v2.0 to v3.0.

Thanks in advance.

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Post by agentmulder »

Not sure what is going on, but my first check would be to see if you can push the filament through the extruder by hand when this happens ?

If the flow isn't smooth then the issue is downstream of the stepper...

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Post by satoer »

Your stepper motor is skipping steps.

There are several things that can be responsible for this behaviour.

Because it’s after 10 minutes of printing, my best guess is a too cold hot end. Most slicers turn off the filament cooler for the first layers. If the filament cooler kicks in after these layers the hot-end gets cooled also. It’s harder to push filament trough a colder hot-end. Also, after the first layer the printer prints faster. So it tries to push faster filament trough the hot-end.
So, my first thing to try was to use a higher hot-end temperature.

Don’t turn the power pot all the way one side. This is not necessary. If you put too much power on the stepper motor, the stepper motor controller will overheat and stop at intervals. Leave it at the preset position from the manual.

(Other) things to check / try:
- Do not over tighten the filament pressure adjustment screw. This adds extra resistance and the filament gets flatten which is also harder to push through the hot-end.
- Print hotter
- Print slower
- Use a filament cleaner sponge to keep the hot-end clean from contamination.
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