Is that proper way to print second extruder only ?

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Is that proper way to print second extruder only ?

Post by Boris »

After many attempts and fails I found the method which works for me.

In a "Printer settings" panel(Slic3r), in "Custom G-Code", I comment ";" every srings at begining about T0 temp and purge.
Also, in "Print settings" I change extruder from 1 to 2.

So, that way I can print by second extruder only.

Is that good way ? May be it's worng and bad for printer. Or there is other easiest way in one click or so ?
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Post by frankjoke »

Yes, I do this with Kisslicer I setup a printer config which just asks for T1 instead T0 in G-Code.

p.s.: I print since x-mas on right extruder. Need to repair the left one but had no time so far.

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