Newbie! Don't see Cura Slicer option **MAC

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Newbie! Don't see Cura Slicer option **MAC

Post by Bobbystone »

Hey all,

Just unpacked my felix 3,0 dual printer. Its awesome and Im already making great prints. However, I don't see the option to use the Cura slicer in the repetier host app. Any help appreciated.

Also does anyone have config settings for using Cura's stand alone app?
Thanks in Advance!

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Post by agentmulder »

Welcome to Felix ...

Mac support seems to be a step behind PC - well, it has been for the almost 2 years I've been playing.

I'm running bootcamp on my mac and the workflow is favorable over here. If everything is basic then Cura is my slicer of choice - although I bust out Kisslicer on occasion as I think it's support works out more on average - that I believe, is available on mac?

Ha ha - oh boy though, windows ... yeesh, what is this metro crap? sooo many laughable UX design choices, and my laptop fans seem to be on ALL THE TIME, attracting the cat - whereas running OS X sometimes the laptop was too cold to put on my lap :lol: (seriouly, not kidding).

That and PC can take longer to shut down than OSX takes to start up :roll:

Pretty sure once you're running off an SD card there will be no issue running the PC apps inside a virtual PC, you might want to consider that?

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Post by jos22 »


Does anyone have config settings for using Cura's stand alone app for a Felix 3.0 ??

Kind regards,

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