Bad quality of top layer

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Bad quality of top layer

Post by darmopil »

I kindly ask you for help. Generally speaking I am satisfied with Felix and with the quality of printing. But my finished prints show very pure quality of top layer (see photo)
Do you have any solution for this? I mean it can be insufficient covering of top layer. I am not able to find any settings in CuraEngine for adjusting this.

Thank you very much for your comments!

I use following settings:

Felix 3.0
This is ABS
1 extruder
1 mm walls(more can's slice shirt)
230c for abs
92c for bed(keeps model very well with raft)
flow 100
cooling is off
Bad quality of top layer
Bad quality of top layer

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Post by killejano »

Looks like over extrusion. You should calibrate your steps per mm of the extruder. Or just lower flow rate. Just cut your filament about 120mm above the extruder, take a measurement, extrude 100mm, measure again and lower flow rate accordingly

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Post by seaton »

yes it definitely looks like too much flow.

Do what killejano has said, should definitely fix your problem.

Another way is to calibrate doing a thin wall test, where you print a hollow cube of exactly 1 wall thickness, you measure after print and it should be the same thickness as the setting in your slicer, if not you calculate the difference and adjust the extrusion multiplier within the slicing software so that you do, if the extrusion multiplier is a way off then you may need to calibrate the extruder E-Steps as outlined by Killejano which should get you back to something normal, then do you thin wall.

I do this for every roll of filament I get and save a filament profile in my slicing software (Simplify3D) for that roll.

You will find different filaments will cause slight variations on the flow rates due to variations in filament diameter which in turn will either over extrude or under extrude, calibrating the roll resolves that.


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