Kinda web threads when PLA printing

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Re: Kinda web threads when PLA printing

Post by Boris »

Well, back to 40 helps me a lot with "web threads" with PLA. It is not solved for 100% but reduced "threads" with no doubt.

Thanx for advice, frankjoke.

As for other programs I still use Repiter but want to learn more.
Meshmixer didn't impressed me too much. With great support generation it's a little useless in real life(most of my models is small).
Cura standalone is same as Cura in Repitier, just better and faster interface.

Now I trying Simplify3D.
Felix 3.0 x2 extruders

Tom Hardy
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Post by Tom Hardy »

I hope you are using good-quality PLA filament as low-quality ones are always too troublesome. Get your PLA filament from a good source such as 3D Printers Online Store.

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