Extruder Stepper bug

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Extruder Stepper bug

Post by TBaden »

On my Felix2 the main Extruder Stepper sytematically works and fails (no movement) as a function of X-axis position relative to the print centre. This is very obscure.

Basically it prints fine on the "left" half of the print, but simply doesnt do anything (power cut?) when on the "right" half. I was wondering if it could be a weird bad connection that cuts out when the cables are stretched. But in that case it should be a function of absolute extruder position, not relative position to the print centre (i.e. if I position my stl on a different part of the printbed I still always get half prints).

So, is there a software reason this could happen?



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Post by frankjoke »

This seems to be a broken cable. Depending how the cable is bent it connects - or not!

I had same, just when cable enters motor and had to exchange motor+cable because I could not resolder just the cable.

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