X/Y/Z access won't respond to manual commands

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X/Y/Z access won't respond to manual commands

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Hi Folks - Had a weird thing happen. I hadn't used my printer for a few weeks. When I plugged it in to print a file the fan in my power supply was making odd noises. I checked it and watched as it came to a noisy halt. I bought a new fan, replaced it, and now the new fan won't turn on at all. When I plug in the power to the printer, I can send X/Y/Z to "home" from Repetier Host but the printer won't respond to manual commands when I tell it to move steps in any direction. Also, while the bed will show the temperature, the extruder will not and it won't heat up. I see the tiny green LEDs lit up for the opto sensors and the fan for the extruder comes on. Seems I have power...but something is off.

So it this a bad power supply? A bad board? Something in my software?

Advice is appreciated!

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