Problems with tiny parts.

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Problems with tiny parts.

Post by Regenmacher »

I have problems when printing small objects. At the overhangs it comes to warping. Large parts work well, even with very thin walls.
I've tried so far:

-Different temperatures
-Different speed
-Different layer thickness
-Cooling from 0-100

The result was not good at all.

Someone an idea?

Without problems
Without problems
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The Bad one

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Post by frankjoke »

I know this as well!

Unluckily my only recommendations are to set minimal print duration/layer to a higher value.

The reason for tne problem is that the filament is not cooling down enough when perimeters are printed quickly.

If it is a relative simple (and slim) form it works because filament is cooling faster.

If there are peeks or mor complex (and overhanging) forms it does not and the layer below is still too hot to get the upper layer and they bend both of them.

Tom Hardy
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Post by Tom Hardy »

Try printing small parts with the help of support structures. If it still experiences troubles, try varying the speed of the printer or using a heated print bed instead of a regular one.

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