extruders dont give filament

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extruders dont give filament

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i have buy severals weeks ago a felix duo. In the beginning i have probleme's with the extruders thy dont take the filament and after several trips to the store this probleme was solved. Now after a several prints the extruders dont give filamen, i have clean the extruders several times but the probleme still goes on. The lucifer is melting down, so i can not print with the second extruder. i go back to the store and thy have solved the probleme thy say. When i come home the filament was leeking between the nozzle and the lucifer. so the probleme was not solved, again a take the phone to say them the probleme. Now the first extruder wont give his filament. again i take the phone to help me to solve the probleme. Thy say that it waas my probleme. But there were probleme's in the first day a buy the felix. Cab sombody help me to solve the probleme. You can respond in dutch also
thanks and i hope that sombody can help me :cry: :cry:

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wat is de lucifer ? voor ons is dat een stekje ????

welke temp. zijn de nozzles ? en welk filament abs of pla ?
ik denk dat er een lek is tussen de kop en het plastic deel, draad kapot of niet hard genoeg aangedraaid, en span enkel aan wanneer de kop koud is.

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