Apollo-NG Felix Hacks

This is the place to show off your felix printer hacks and improvements.
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Apollo-NG Felix Hacks

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Ahoy all,

over time we've come up with a couple of hacks to our Felix, from cable-chains, insulated printing bed, carbon printing surface to complete autonomous robot operation, real-time live dashboards, camera integration, time-lapse videos, power supply stabilizer and much more: Check it out on: https://apollo.open-resource.org/missio ... :picoprint

There will be some more updates in the futures, especially in terms of noise mitigation to have better temperature control and prevent possible PEEK meltdowns when going above 210°C.

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Well done, Now following your feeds :)

Felix 2.0 -> Felix 3.0 dual
Simplify3D Slicer, Kisslicer
Have you added your Felix to the Map? http://goo.gl/maps/HajnZ


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