Felix 3.0 can´t load filament

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Felix 3.0 can´t load filament

Post by vsardenberg »

I think I´m very unlucky with my felix. In the last 4 months it was a problem after another.

The newst one: It was printing and stoped extruding and kept moving.
I changed the filament and started again.
Then, after printing the first few layers OK it start to extrude just a few and now it doesn´t extrude at all.
Even in the first layers.

Increased PLA temp to 210C and didn´t worked.

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Post by vyndalin »

I've got the same problem. First time I thought I just made some wrong settings in slicer. But after few re-installs it was the same. Sometimes it prints pretty good, but sometimes it make "zebra" printings with gaps in infill. But yesterday I noticed that filament just slides between feeding gear and the bearings. It's just not feeding properly. I hope cleaning the grooves on the gear helps, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do, if not. I think this design of filament feeding adjustment mechanism isn't lucky (After reading some threads, a lot of people have the same or similar problem). :(

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