A BOX around the FELIX for temperature

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A BOX around the FELIX for temperature

Post by Fusto »

Hello all,
Does somebody made a box around the FELIX?
The heat in a box must be stable I have heard
What happend if I make a box arround the FELIX.
The head goes up, because of the heated bed ?

Do I have to make ventilation with a fan and a thermostat ?

And how much be the working area for the FELIX ?

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Post by Fusto »

Nobody can help me to explain about the box?
Because in my garage is very cold for my Felix.
I have put in the box a lamp with a fan on it.
The heat is going up around 40 degrees ( I think) .
Table at 100 degrees.
Printing with ABS.

How much is normely the working area for the Felix?

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Post by satoer »

I've seen people on this forum putting it in a closet. But beware if you've got a Felix with 3D printed parts. The parts might sag because of the higher room temperature.
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Post by Fusto »

Thanks Satour,
But what is the room temperature normaly for a Felix?

I allready ordered a thermostat and I will find out the best temperature in the future.
At the moment I am blocked because of my hotend is melted.
I ordered a new one and if every thing is working well I will take the E3D V6.
And maybe I will take your disign for it.

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Post by hvdd »

i am always printing in room temp 23°C, with ABS.
bed temp at 95° works great , but had to isolate the bed on bottomsite with 1 cm foam.
i had also the idea to place the felix into a box, but the temp will be to high for the electronics, i think.
today you have full access to all parts , placing into a box will limit this.


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Post by DDME-Marc »

Hi Fusto,

The operational manual states an ambient temperature of 15~32 degrees C for the Felix 3.0.

This would imply a temperature control is recommended for small enclosures. Also I would suggest ventilation for filaments such as ABS to avoid fume build up (since acrylonitrile and butadiene fumes are not exactly the healthiest to be exposed to).


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Post by Fusto »

Today I recieved my parts for the hotend in Italy, very fast!!!

The box I made is small and I will make a carbon filter to assorb the fumes.
A termostat for the right temperature.
I also made a hole with a little door to put the electronics outside.
The stepper motor works good untill 60°, they have told me.
I don't need more than that.
The results I lett you know soon.

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Post by orciuoli »

in my case, I tried with a box, but the machine stop to work after do some layers.

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