E3D V6 HotEnd & Bowden feed

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E3D V6 HotEnd & Bowden feed

Post by JohnK1 »

Hallo guys.

After so much trouble with the original hotends I made a decision to switch to E3D V6 trouble free hot ends. And I also decided to switch to the bowden feed style. You can see it without the tubing on my picture below. The other bowden feeder is on the other side.

I want to ask you guys, what do I have to change in the firmware now? The thermistor is 100K, and the pitch between the nozzles is a little bit bigger too. Does make a different style of feed any difference for firmware? The extruder gear is a bit different too, but it is just a matter of adjusting step, right? Anything else?

Thank you for your comments.


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Post by mkh42 »

any progress on your project ?

can you provide further details ?

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