NEW: FELIX 3.1 and FELIXbuilder software

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NEW: FELIX 3.1 and FELIXbuilder software

Post by gfeliksdal »

Dear forum members,

First of all, I would like to thank you for all your great ideas in the last couple of years. It really helped us to improve our products and to add the features customers are waiting for. We have two great announcements we would like to share with you:

• The FELIX 3.1 is out now
• FELIXbuilder 3D print software available now

After lots of customer feedback and development, we are very happy to release the FELIX 3.1! The 3.1 includes valuable improvements compared to its predecessor, the 3.0. Knowing that most of you are already using a FELIX, we would like to highlight the upgrade possibilities available for Single and for Dual.

New: Upgrade service
For the first time, we offer owners of a pre-assembled FELIX, to upgrade their FELIX for them. On the Upgrade Service page you select the desired upgrade, select any extra’s you would like to add and choose the right shipment method. It is that easy! You can select to ship your FELIX yourself or we can arrange an appointment with UPS to collect and return your FELIX. UPS transport prices are fixed for Dutch, German and Belgium customers. Customers from other countries can send us a request through the Upgrade Service page and we will send you an estimation of shipping costs.

Upgrade kits to 3.1
We wouldn’t be FELIXprinters if we didn’t release any upgrade kits you can install yourself! The upgrade kits are available for both Dual and Single head. It takes about one hour to install the upgrade on a Single and a bit longer on a Dual. Check out the available upgrades on this page: ... e-and-dual

Improvements of the FELIX 3.1
Improved calibration reliability
The z-height calibration mechanism has been redesigned and improved in a way that the print bed keeps it’s calibration height over time. Recalibration of the z-height is reduced to a minimum.
The curved washers underneath the heated bed are replaced by regular springs. This makes assembly easier and also adjustment of the height of the three points better controllable.

Extruder reliability improved
Extruder drive wheel
The upgrade contains a new extruder drive wheel. This features more durable material (stainless steel), sharpened teeth and a curved contact surface. This results in an incredible increase in filament grip compared to the old brass wheel. Also the durability is improved, due to better material use. The curved contact face, not only improves grip, but also guides flexible filaments better into the hot-end improving reliability.

New plastic parts
The plastic parts of the extruder are molded with better tolerances and also slight improvements in the design. This make the parts easier to assemble. The hot-ends can be better mounted and stay in place properly.

Specially for Dual Head:
We now feature an easily adjustable right hot-end. We've designed a black anodized aluminum bracket, which fixes the hot-ends in height by means of a ledge. So when pulling the filament up. The right hot-end can be accurately and easily varied in height by an allen key (size 2.5). This way the right hot-end can be perfectly positioned to exactly line up with the left hot-end. The right hot-end can also be stowed away to reduce the risk of colliding with printed parts when printing in single head mode.

Improved Y-axis accuracy.
The slightly improved geometry of the y-axis belt mount parts make sure teh belt of the y-axis stays at the same height, improving better print tolerances in y-directon.

Better controllable filament pressure of extruder arm.
By using carefully selected regular springs instead of curved washers you are able to better adjust the pressure exerted onto the filament to go into the hot-end. Also because the spring exert an optimal pressure onto the filament it improves print reliability.

Our latest FELIXbuilder software, developed in co-operation with Materialise, is created to optimize user experience when operating a FELIXprinter. We love the software because of the following features.
- Customer friendly interface
- Best in class gcode generation
- Fast slicing
- You can control your printer
- Dual head slicing
- Easy enough for beginners, and tweakable for the most advanced users.

For more information, click here: ... t-software

So in short, the 3.1 upgrade is about incremental changes. This however leads to significant better reliability and print performance.

I really hope you will enjoy the update and the new software! If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments.

Kind regards,


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Post by eight »

Is this software going to work on Win 10?

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Post by andrewsi »

eight wrote:Is this software going to work on Win 10?
There's no particular reason it shouldn't, Windows 10 is highly backwards compatible with earlier versions, there have been very few changes to how ordinary Windows applications behave as compared with earlier version-to-version Windows upgrades.
Andy Silverman, Technogeek in Seattle
Felix Tec4 Single-head

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Post by IanH1960 »


I've just received a 3.1 upgrade kit for a dual 3.0.

Do you have instructions for carrying out the upgrade? All that is in the kit is a bag of parts.

A link would be helpful.


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Post by fesch »

Same question over here ...

Felix Printers
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Post by Felix Printers »


The manual to upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1 (for both Single and Dual) can be downloaded here: ... manual.pdf

If you have any other questions concerning the 3.1 upgrade, please let us know!

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Post by eight »

Tried to attach some pictures but somehow they are not going through.
Not impressed with new software. Not very intuitive and GUI is ugly.
In Win 10 the fonts are not scaling properly. My guess is that will be the same with Win 8.1.

In manual mode arrow pointing up send the table down. The arrow pointing left sends the head to the right. Very annoing when doing calibration.
My first print came out offset some 2mm after 30% into the print and stopped feeding filament about 30% before the end of the job.
I'll try revert to Win 7 to evaluate this software.

edited: link to pictures in my dropbox ... qX-tqe4kUa

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Post by eight » ... guide.html

This link still shows Felix 3.0 and Repetier software.
Also the upgrade kit manual ... manual.pdf - the links in this PDF are not working.

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Post by Chaos99 »

I know the new plastic parts (as in the 3.0 update) are injection molded and therefore stiffer and more durable than printed parts.

But would you still release 3D files for those parts, so we can have at least a try on printing them ourselves?

It's also hard to find out just by the sparse information on the website and the forum if they are just 100% functionally the same as the old 2.0 printed parts or if the differ in e.g. mounting positions etc.

(Or, in case of the 2.0->3.0 update, which parts are replaced at all.)



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Post by titchy »

Hey gfeliksdal/Felix Printers,
Please can you reward your loyal customers with a free one-month trail of the new FelixBuilder software?
You are offering a subscription without a sample, why?

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