NEW: FELIX 3.1 and FELIXbuilder software

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Re: NEW: FELIX 3.1 and FELIXbuilder software

Post by cristianvi »

I think is a great idea for Felix to develop a software like FELIXbuilder in order to take full advantage from our machines.

I'm beginning to use the new FELIXbuilder that's going to be a good companion to the printer. I bought it specifically for using it with a double extruder machine with two different nozzles size (0,35 - 0,50).

After using the software for a while I'm having some problems with it and I'm missing several options that softwares like "Kisslicer" or "Repetier Host" have like:

1. Visualisation of the model and the filament path in order to check how parts like the support, raft, skirt will be printed. (So far I have to export the G-code and check this in Repetier)

2. I cannot change the size of the Raft size from the part. For default it makes a 0.5 cm raft, but this cannot be increase (this option is call Inflate Raft in Kisslicer)

3. Visualisation of the bed sides (left - right) are mistaken. It´s the opposite way.

I think it would be great to open a new Topic so we can write what are we missing in this new software and the problems we are having so those can be corrected in future updates.

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Post by eight »

Can Felix 3.1 be upgraded to 3L ? What would be the cost of the upgrade kit?

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