ControlBoard OPT1 & OPT2 Pinout

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ControlBoard OPT1 & OPT2 Pinout

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There have been a number of requests for the OPT1 and OPT2 pinouts for the Felixprinter ControlBoard(s). Having the same need to turn on auto leveling using an inductive Z-probe, I have traced out each pin for both OPT1 and OPT2 (for a V2.0 board).

The attached document (png) is provided as an attempt at authoritative documentation for these pins. Please have a look and note any differences with your board. If they seem the same then please let me know as well so we can clearly document these pins across ControlBoard versions. If not then do please let me know.

The diagram shows both the ATMEGA 2560 function and the Repetier (and Arduino IDE) pin assignment. For example pin 8 (D8) is used for the heater bed and ATMEGA 2560 function PH4/OC4C. This is not the physical pin assignment but rather Repetier (Arduino IDE) software pin assignment. For typical mods (for example in configuration.h) to the Repetier software you will use this pin assignment.

The pins on the OPT1 and OPT2 headers are not assigned functions in the Repetier FELIXprinters motherboard (see motherboard ID 101 in Repetier source file pins.h). Generally it seems that OPT1 is designated for a future daughter board or option, and OPT2 (with the Vcc and Gnd pins on each row) for new sensors.
Felix ControlBoard OPT1 & OPT2 header view
Felix ControlBoard OPT1 & OPT2 header view
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Thanks a lot, Bill

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Many Thanks Bill

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