Very pleased with the 3.1 upgrade

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Very pleased with the 3.1 upgrade

Post by kerog »

I have to say I was skeptical of the 3.1 upgrade. The new plastic parts look very similar to the originals, and I already had the springs. However, after using it for a while, I really like it. The new extruder gear seems to help a lot with clogging. In particular, I have found that I am able to print reliably (using the 0.5mm nozzle) with both laybrick and ColorFabb WoodFill. Before the upgrade, I couldn't get either of these to print well.

Also, the screw-based adjustment for the second extruder relative height works quite well, and takes a lot of the fiddliness out of dual extrusion. The extruder mounts also fit together much more snugly now, which helps when swapping extruders. I have to admit I did not bother with the replacement parts for the bed mount, as I haven't had any issues with belt rubbing.

I did note that the set screws fastening the extruder gears to the motor shafts became loose surprisingly quickly; I retightened using Lock-Tite and am now good to go.

The one thing I haven't liked so much is the new z axis end stop adjustment device. I prefer the one by GGY in the Hacks forum, which does basically the same thing.

Overall, though, very pleased with the results. I believe the upgrade has significantly improved my printing reliability.

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Post by vicoz2009 »

Hi, great review. Can you please elaborate on how to calibrate the second nozzle with the screw? I can't seem to get it right and seems not really do much when i turn it (tight or loosen)


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