Felix 2.0 hotend on Felix 1.0 ?

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Felix 2.0 hotend on Felix 1.0 ?

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is it possible to fit a Felix 2.0 hotend on a 1.0 ? I got two 2.0 spares left one of which is fully assembled.
More precisely: Is it possible to download and print a "2.0"-like extruder and just fit it onto the 1.0. without much upgrading work (e.g. no rail changing, etc.) ?

I vaguely remember that the 1.5 seemed to have a similar extruder as the 2.0 but cannot find any print files.

A related question. I also got a spare temperature sensors for the 1.0 that I could try to replace. These are fixed with some white and black paste. Since got 1.0 assembled I have no idea how these pastes are called if they could be bought in any kind of do-it-yourself store.

Thanx much for any help ! - Daniel
PS: I know that I could /should buy full upgrade kits, but I don't have time and actually ordered a Pro 1 :)

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