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Re: Common problems/Tips and tricks

Post by dsnijders »

I had an interesting problem this weekend. I have been printing successfully for weeks with my role of blue PLA for many weeks (from Guillaume). But this weekend it simply failed to stick to the print bed. I did check bed levelling and hot-end distance to bed, all perfect. I only managed to get some reasonable results by increasing ext temp to 210 and bed to 70 degrees. Then i changed to my black PLA, and it all worked perfect again! So it seems that something is wrong with the Blue PLA. Is it possible that the quality of the PLA decreases of time? Like picking up moisture or so?

Hope somebody can share his/her experiences? An give some ideas on how to prevent this from happening.

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Post by twicx »

What surface are you printing on? like are you using kapton/glass/blue tape?

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Post by dsnijders »

Kapton tape. I changed it, but the blue PLA still failed to stick.
My last run using the black PLA sticked perfectly.
So i suspect something is wrong with the blue PLA which i left in the open air for a few weeks.

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Post by Bachgassenbande »

I have several rolls of PLa here open since months.
Just put them after usage back in the platic bag with a silica gel bag.

Hmm... maybe you got some moisture on your rolls; drying at 40°C for serveral hours may help; but I never had done that so maybe someone else has faced the same issue....

I'm printing on a 3mm glass plate; prepared with hairspray --> If you have one may that's the solution for you.
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Post by dsnijders »

Just a thought....can i dry the filament roll in a microwave?

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Post by dsnijders »

I tried this with a short string (a few meters) at 600 W for 2 min, do not do this !
It is getting too hot....

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Post by Kalidopixel »

Found a Way to ensure the new Build Platform is Level and thought i should share this tip :)

I Had a Print Stick Really well to the new Corrugated Build Platform and had difficulty convincing my felix 2.0 to part with it :)

After i persuaded the felix 2.0 to give me my print, i Re-checked the build platform with my Dial gauge & Tried to adjust it ( WHILE STILL HOT as Always). But I kept getting a High Spot Between the Middle Adjust & the 2 Rear Adjusts.

No Amount of Adjusting would get rid of this High Spot ???

The High Spot Ran in a Straight line from Front to Back

I had the idea of Loosening the Support arm that attaches to the Linear Slide Bearing & Middle of the Build Platform.

I Loosened it at the Linear bearing side till it was very loose then re tightened it again

Bingo - This Fixed it :) - No More High Spot :P

I am Guessing that the Build plate was expanding between the middle Adjuster & Rear Adjustster,s but Had No way to Release this Extra Expansion.

Hope this Tip Helps Somebody :)

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Post by dsnijders »

I fixed the issue related to PLA not sticking to bed anymore. I slowed down the speed for the first layer, and now it sticks perfectly. I guess the main speed rate in the 'production profiles' is too high for me. Good news is that I can still use my 'old' filament rolls. Not sure what changed, but it works.

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Post by Cos »

Hey guys. I didn't want to post a new topic for this so I figured I'd ask here, hope that's ok.
I'm about to get a 2.0 printer and I'd like to know, based on your experience when printing large amounts of 3D models, how reliable this printer is. What interests me is about how many hours per day, and for how many days did this printer worked well for you before showing signs of trouble.
Thank you.

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Post by b3dvisuals »

@Cos It's a very reliable printer. It can run all day. You can let it print the night over if you want. 8 ours ore more isn't a problem. Check once in a while the tension of the belts, and check for loose bolts, and set-crews, like any other machine.

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