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Re: Common problems/Tips and tricks

Post by frankjoke »

I am using on bed now this: ... UTF8&psc=1

This are inkjet labels for about 24€/25 peaces.
They fit on the printer and leave 3cm left & right where I use kapton tape to cover but I don't print often there.

It sticks very well, much better than Kapton, with PLA and I use 55-60° for bed and between 187 and 195° for extruder depending on material.

Only drawback: The bottom layer is not as flat (glossy) like with Kapton, it looks more like done with very very very fine sand paper.

I could not print 10cm long Filament holder with Kapton (unless I go to 25% speed) but with that no problem!

p.s.: I am using still the first sheet and did 20 prints...

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Post by retsac »


I'm having troubles to print properly. I did the 40x10 test and it went without any problems, suddenly with another drawing it kept giving faults (it didn't stick to the bed). So I've tried the 40x10 again and it keeps messing it up at the start. It looks like the filament didn't came trough.
So i decided to pull out the filament. And now I am unable to put it back in it looks like its jammed. It wont go further in than 18mm or so, and nothing is coming out.
I've just assembled the printer so it would be weird if theirs already some dirt in the nosel I think ?

Does someone have any ideas or tips ?
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Post by hvdd »

disassemble the printerhead , you will find a small part of filament at the alu top part, and push it out.


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Post by TyRGeN »

Hi Guys

I own a Felix 1.5 which worked perfectly fine until I broke the original hot-end by cleaning it.
I recently bought a hot-end V4 here, but it seems to be a bit shorter than the original version.

My problem is, i can't print anything even after having recalibrating the table.
I am no expert but it looks like the Z-axis steps are too large. As i calibrated the table, the first layer looks acceptable, but as soon as it starts the second layer the plastic is "expelled" above the base and starts twirling.

Do you guys have any idea about how i can fix this ?
I am using :
- a Felix 1.5 with the simplified x-axis belt mount
- a v4 hot end
- Marlin RC3_Felix_1_0_RevE
- Repetier 0.90C

I never had any problem with the printer until now, my goal is to print upgrades part for Felix 3.

Can somebody give me some tip to solve it ?

Thanks in advance

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Post by taramm »

I have a problem with my felix 3.
Error:One heater seems decoupled from thermistor - disabled all for safety
I changed heater cartridge, thermister but still have this trouble. help me, plz
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Post by kerog »

This is a test introduced with the new firmware. It's designed to catch a failed thermistor or heater, but for me has triggered sometimes on a false alarm. Look at the temperature plot in Repetier-host: for one of my thermistors I would get a noisy signal, where the noise built up over time. I have heard various explanations for the noise, including a too-tight set screw fastening the hot end barrel, and static buildup from the cable bundle running over the aluminum frame.

If you think it is a false alarm and your heater and thermistor are actually OK, you can modify the test variance in the firmware:
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Post by DDME-Marc »

Hi Kerog,

I also experimented the parameter you mentioned when faced with decoupling errors. Although I found regardless of what variance value used I still induced a decoupling errors.

In the end I settled for amending the decouple test period to the value of 30000 milliseconds (from the standard 15000) as discussed in:

In doing so I now no longer have decoupling issues. For the record I could only induce a decoupling error in-between successive prints (eg when turning extruder back on during the cooling period), as opposed to the first run of the day.

The new increased value provides a 30 second margin for test period to register a requested heater action and test for temperature change. And although not linear the extruder's heat-up at a rate around the working temperature is approximately 1 degree per second, suggesting that if a fault occurred with a thermistor I would only observe a 30 degree rise before decoupling. From what I have observed any resulting error still remains within the working temperature capacity of the PEEK.


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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi Marc,

Thanks for you test results. I've set the decouple time first to 10 seconds, because the worst case scenario would be when the heater cartridge falls out of the heater body. In 10 seconds this could become very hot. With the heater differences of all users this seems too tight margin, so it has been increased to 15 seconds. This is already quite critical, the heater cartridge will be glowing hot when fallen out of the heater body. We are currently searching asap for a solution, which will work for all printers.

Kind regards,


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Post by DDME-Marc »

Hi Guillaume,

Thanks for explaining your preference for the decoupling time parameter.

Yes the additional decoupling time I set previously gave me a functional printer and breathing space to push on for the interim, and as you may have read in previous postings my personal findings have primarily pointed towards the extruder PID settings.

Fortunately I have had a series of similar prints to complete this week so these have been perfect for further comparative evaluating/tweaking settings. My latest PID settings are more stable than previously achieved, including a reduced overshoot. As a result I have now started progressively reducing the decoupling time parameter (currently at 20 seconds), and have yet to trigger a decoupling error fault.


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Post by concar »

Hello - i have a problem, that become worse
Wile printing, the filament seams to reduce flow temporary and then back to normal.
First i could reduce this by cleaning the Extruder - but the time the prints are good quality reduce by one ore two 1 h prints. Then i have to clean it.. Last time - i'm not able to print one part without this problem. See picture.
Picture from site.. catastrophic
Picture from site.. catastrophic
Picture from down.. see good passes, and then worse parts
Picture from down.. see good passes, and then worse parts
When i extrude manualy, all about 15 to 20 cm the printed filament has some rough parts where the print diameter are lower than 0.35 mm.

I have Felix-Printer Version 1.5.

What's the possible reason?
When i change the filament - same Problem - first 1 or 2 1h parts are acceptable then it's become worst..

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