Some advice on print problems

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Some advice on print problems

Post by daveinhull »

Hi All,

I've managed to print my first rather large part and have some problems with it which I'd welcome any comments (I do realise that it probably needs to be printed in parts but I just wanted to see the capabilities of 3D printing). I'm really interested in learning a bit more about how it all works, so any help would be great.

The 2 particular things are:
1. The tall supports at back of the print, e.g. low Y-value seem to have very much more z-axis wobble (especially at the top, high z-value) than the tall supports at the front, e.g. high Y-value.
All Part.JPG
Bad back z-wobble.jpg
Bad back z-wobble 2.jpg
Bad back z-wobble 3.jpg
2. The tall supports at the front corners, e.g. high Y-value are bent
Front Tower bent.jpg
Any thoughts would be great.

The part is also peeling on the base (not surprising as its a large base) and I've cleaned it with surgical spirit but, in general, does the bed have to be hotter or colder to make it stick?

Many thanks

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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi Dave,

That seem like challenging prints. Just for reference what are the outer dimension of the prints?

Peeling can be because the bed might be too hot also. I found that the optimal temperature for the filament I use is 55 degC.

Strange to see there is such a significant difference in z-wobble in one corner of the print. Also layers not aligning could be reduced by increasing belt tension. Also reducing the play behind the large z-bearing should further reduce the z-wobbling and also curved prints.

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Post by daveinhull »


Yes I thought it would be a challenge but worth giving a go to see what happens. I've now split the part to remove the tall pillars.

The outer dimension is 180 by 70mm. Ok, I've reduced the bed temp to 55 degC. and still peeling, in fact worse.

Which belt do you mean?

I've got a new z-axis bolt and coupler coming from you, so I'll see if that makes any difference.


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