filament stop feeding after one hour printing .....

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filament stop feeding after one hour printing .....

Post by bipbay »

Guys , the filament just stop feeding after one hour of printing ... I only have 20 more min to finish !!!
Is there any way I can back step a couple step in the g code ?
I found that the filament will always stop feeding at around a hour or so every time, is it somthing wrong in my setting ?
I'm using SFACT slicing
High quality - no support
Layer height 0.1mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
E-step corrector 1.02
Feedrate : 200( on the manual control speed Multipuly )
Flowrate : 114 ( on the manual control speed Multipuly )
What are those ? I just know the bigger the number the faster it goes , but does it matter ? what are the ratio on those two ?
Extruder temp : 195
Speed 200mm/min
Heat bed temp : 55
Fan at 100% always
thanks guys

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Post by satoer »

Is the tension on the fillament bearing enough? Does the extruder motor skip steps?

There is a way to resume a failed print. Please read my tutorial:
Tutorial: Recover and restart a failed print.
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Post by Adina »

Hi, this has startet happening to me also. I rinced the hot end twice. It seems right and I start again. After a while it just works in the air. Thread is fine, not to strecheted, not too loose.
Did you find the problem?

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Post by Saamec »

99% of the problems were solved. The forum has it all. It is difficult for you to browse through and read? I recommend you to do this at the same time to learn anything else.

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