Save to update to new Repertier host?

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Save to update to new Repertier host?

Post by satoer »

Just got a message that there's a new version of Repertier is aviable:
Version 0.84 09-02-2013
* Added japanese translation by Hajime Ashida.
* Fixed error marking elements outside even if inside.
* Improved filament visualization.
* Update printer shape when selecting printer over connect button.
* Disable slic3r filament settings for non existent extruder.
* Layer start is now at the z move starting a new layer.
* Highlight line numbers depending on layer number even/odd.
* Fixed bug not storing all 3d settings in registry.
Is it save to update the special Felix version, or will it mess up configuration?
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Post by klauzs »

hello satoer,

was it save / did you tried?


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