First filament test doesn't work

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Re: First filament test doesn't work

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I bought the 1.0 in the fall sometime, but first I was extremely busy and then I hurt my hand and had to have my thumb operated, so there was a big gap between getting the 1.0 and finishing it. Not that it's actually any of your business, but that's why I'm installing the 1.5 upgrade almost immediately after finishing the 1.0.


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That must have been a frustrating time. When I get a new " toy" I immediately want to play with it hahaha.

What you could try, and it's kind of a dirty hack but I've used it with success: Try to align the threated rod as good as possible in the alu coupling. Then remove the upper bearing which hold the threated rod. Finally clamp the Z motor to the aluminum bar with a clamp (use some layers of paper to fill up the space between the Z motor and the aluminum bar before you put the clamp on it).

this kind of clamp: Image
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