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reset temperature

Post by Luca »

Hi everyone,
Someone knows how to reset the hot-end temperature?!
Please see the attached screenshot.

"Felix 1.5"

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Post by satoer »

Did the printer worked before? It's probably a broken thermistor in the hot end. There is a spare one in the kit. But first check the hotend-thermistor connection before replacing the thermistor.
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Post by Luca »

Thank you, I'm going to try to use the spare thermistor.
I will reply to your post this Wednesday.
thank you so much

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Post by Fabbers »

Hi, Luca!

We have the same problem with one of our machine. Did it help? Changing thermistor?

Thank you!

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Post by hvdd »

before changing thermistor swap the 2 connectors on board.. extruder and heated bed...and read on screen
if the error move to the heated bed then thermistor is broken.. to be replaced.

had to do it twice ... :)

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Post by Luca »

yes, it was useful. I actually ordered a new Hot end so, there was a new thermistor and that solved!

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