New FELIX 2.0 upgrade kit.

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Re: New FELIX 2.0 upgrade kit.

Post by gfeliksdal »

To answer the questions.
To make it simpler for ourselves we ship a complete set of printed parts.
The smaller motors are basically the same as previous motors, just a little smaller, but they still provide more than enough torque. So they can be fitted the same as previous motors.
Indeed the main benefit of the smaller motors is on the extruder carriage, but they also seem to run a little smoother compared to the larger motors only not very much noticable.
The new motors don't require the new electronics board.

The new bed can by itself reach approx 95 degC, but takes some time. When isolating the bottom it can reach 115 degC.

The stand alone printing requires indeed the new electronics. If you want something to work on the ramps board there are a lot of display panels available on the web.

I hope that answers the questions.

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Post by t800 »

I definatly recomend isolating the bottom of the heatbed if you are going to run it at full tilt.
Im suffering from heat damage on the 3 parts that guide the y axis belt and are close under the headbed.
Probably cause is the heated bed wich a ran at max capacity (temperature going to 95°C) without insulation.
Both the left and right belt grippers and the center belt bearings are buckeling under the heat.
I have made some make do repairs but its only a matter of time before the whole thing becomes unusable i fear.
Therefore i would like to print those 3 parts out of ABS but i cannot find them anywhere.

Y_stage bracket pt1_v6_F1_5
Y_stage bracket pt2_V6_F1_5

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