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Confusing Instructions

Post by bill.gertz »


On page 9 of the rev D manual it says:

!! Do following steps before starting the rest of the module: !!
- File a flat side on the motor for the z-axis motor. This is not required for the y-axis motor.

I'm sorry but I don't understand this at all - many questions come to my mind:

o Which motor do you mean in '... flat side on the motor...' the z-axis motor or the y-axis carrier motor?

o What do I file flat?

o How much material am I taking off?

o Why am I doing this?

o Why is this important?

Since this is at the beginning of the instructions we're stuck until we can get an answer. Hopefully you can let us know soon as we would really like to build the printer.

Kind regards,

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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi Bill, see screenshot below.

A customer with the same problem was so kind to draw this for me. I will update it in the manual as soon as possible.

The flat side is needed to fixate the extruder gear and for the coupling between the z-axis spindle and the z-axis motor by means of a setscrew.

For the extruder motor, file the bottom half flat
For the z-axis motor file the top half.
With the top being the far end of the motor axle as shown in the screenshot.

To make it easier you can short the leads of the motor. This will block the motor and make it easier to file a flat side.

Hope this helps

Kind regards,


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