Twisted Jar Part

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Re: Twisted Jar Part

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Very Nice. I cant imaging any printer producing a better result than that.
I ordered my own Felix 2 printer today.

Thanks for posting test print results. This really helped me make my decision.

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Of course, there are printers that can produce a way better result than this. Like those powder 3D printers. Or that liquid polymer / laser printer. But for a printer below 1000 euro, youve got a pretty decent printer. And besides the printer costs, the fillament is also affordable. the liquid polymer cost a lot more then a spool of PLA (comparing a liter to a kilo). Dunno how much the powder cost, but I don't think its cheaper than a spool of PLA. There are of course cheaper printers that can produce a similar quality, but they look like shit.

The Twisted Jar is nice, but there are way more complicated mechanical things to print which impressed me way more. Like the two stages planetary gearbox:
All the parts screwed in perfectly. I've used a power drill for a couple of minutes to test the mechanical strength. No visible signs of wear.
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