Which tools, material do I need ?

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Which tools, material do I need ?

Post by Hugues »

Hi guys,

patiently awaiting my new (already-assembled) Felix 2.0 while reading the forum....

I see you guys sometimes used a 0.35 mm drill to clean up a clog head. As I don't have this on-hand, I guess it's a good idea to buy a few now before getting the printer.

What other tools or parts should i also consider to be really useful for maintenance and ease of print ?
Do I need to buy kapton film ? or is it included in the kit ? if not, which size, thickness ?

thanks for your input,

My short intro:
My name is Hugues, I live in Switzerland, engineering background,
never used 3D printers before, just ordered my Felix 2.0 recently and some PLA and Arnitel,
I'm building an electric motorbike, my build thread http://www.elmoto.net/showthread.php?21 ... ild-thread, and recent first trial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4W4oIZxMMc,
my first 3D print project will be to print isolation parts over some cables and terminals on the bike, using Arnitel,
I'm glad this forum exists, been reading for a while...
Regards from Switzerland

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Post by hvdd »


the 3D printer is super great and usefull ( for me) but it is not a deskjet.
kapton tape was included in the kit - and changed only once from last october.
just clean it each print with aceton.
no other special tools neccessary - as far as i remember :)
i have no 0.25mm drills - i use one small 'hair' from a mid size copper clean brush - and i have plenty in spare for 2 euro's......
every 2 prints i clean the the extruder head, or when i change color.

more than 100 parts printed with PLA and ABS - i prefer PLA
just a few minor problems with broken temp.sensors but probably this is solved now.
succes with the build !

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Post by dognotdog »

I very seldomly clean the print head with copper wiring, mostly only necessary if some contaminant is lodged in it. The other pro tip was guitar strings. I would not recommend the drill, except as a last resort. Most dirt can be removed by pulling out the filament backwards at a low temperature. I never had a jam bad enough to need a drill bit, so far. Brass bristles from a brush are probably good, too, stiff enough but not hard enough to damage the nozzle. My regular cleaning procedure just involves pulling the filament out, and repeating until no more dirt can be seen coming out.

Also, feed the filament through some sponge or cloth to wipe off dirt before it enters the extruder.

If you print on Kapton tape, get some Acetone to clean it before every print, at least with PLA.

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