Printer disables when heating

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Printer disables when heating

Post by kalera »

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded my extruder to a E3d V6 model. I adapted all the necessary things in the configuration file and uploaded the firmware. I was able to print succesfully until yesterday.

Since yesterday, when the printer is heating up (bed and extruder), a few degree's before it reaches the desired degree; the head fan stops spinning and the temperatures start to drop again. All the while, repetier host says that it is busy with heating up.

After resetting the printer, I can use repetier host again to reactivate the heaters. This usually takes a few tries until I get both the bed and the extruder up to the temperature where I can start printing.

I am absolutely clueless on what this could be since the problem still arises when I for instance; set the temperatures 5 degree's lower.

This only happens when heating to start a print or manually set the heaters to heat up. No problems during printing

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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi Kalera,

Do you get any message when the fans turn off? In repetier-host you can also possibly get some additional debug information.

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Post by Dreide »

A remote possibility: shortly before the final temperature is reached the heater control kicks in by starting to switch the heater current on and off (PWM). This can cause problems for the power supply if otherwise no sufficient load is present. So adding such load, like activating one or more stepper motors, might help to work around this problem. Note that the motors are deactivated after some idle time (see Repetier firmware parameter "Stop stepper after inactivity").
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