FELIX 2.0: Updated extruder

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Re: FELIX 2.0: Updated extruder

Post by angryangel »

Look at this post

http://www.felixprinters.com/forum/view ... f=14&t=340

i think ho have to choose the prdoktionprofil with no suport and high density

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Post by benjamin »

Thank you very much!


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Post by jean507 »

The link is broken, where can I download the Gcode?


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Post by t800 »

I had some trouble fitting it all.
Especially the bearing at the filament guide gave me trouble.
The cold end from the extruder as wel as the filmanent holder rubbed against the bearing preventing it from rotating freely.
Maybe my print was warped a bit , but i see no visual evidence of this.
It took some filing to make sure the bearing could rotate freely.

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Post by RobGer »

gfeliksdal wrote:Yes the newly delivered Felix kits and assembled printers will have it.
Mine didn't :cry:

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Post by superhornet59 »

I'd like to mention here that the part "Extru_base_v9_F1_5" could use reinforcement. I've actually gone through two now. One snapped during shipping (assembled printer) and the other warped from stress+heat softening. This effect is more pronounced when printing ABS at higher temperatures (230+ degrees) and running the bed quite hot (70+ degrees). The PLA starts to soften, the base bends, and now my hot end leans on an angle. Suffice to say it makes laying down filament difficult and causes the fan duct to contact the prints, tearing them apart.

I'm in the process of trying out dognotdog's dual-extruder setup, and I have noticed that his extruder base appears absolutely bulletproof (a necessity to support the mass of two extruders). This is in large part due to the enclosed belt-channel and large reinforcing beam. In my opinion, these features should be incorporated into the 'official' base.

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Post by Fabbers »

We ran nylon filament which given the tension from slippage we had caused some stress on the two smallest pieces of the extruder asssembly, but when trying to print from the gcode, the gcode didn't print after the second layer. Must be some issue in the gcode as we did this with two different machines. Has anybody else tried to print from the gcode file that is available here?

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Post by superhornet59 »

I just finished printing mine out now. The g-code worked fine for me. That being said, Guillaume, could you post maybe a .ZIP with all of the STL's? I just finished printing everything out, and one of the parts didn't come out correctly and has snapped. Now I need to reprint everything all over again, instead of that piece. Too late for me now, but could help others, especially those who wish to slice it their own way.

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Post by angryangel »

Look here at my Post on the beginning on page2 there is a link to a Thread at wich you find the stl's

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Post by seaton »

I'd like to see a dedicated Readonly thread per felix version for all downloadable STL/gcode that constitute official releases or a directory in the download area for each version of the Felix with all the correct STL/parts as it's a bit hard trying to locate parts here and there in the forum, and then working out whats current or not.

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