FELIX 1.0: Official printer upgrades

In here you will find news posted officially by FELIXprinters.

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Re: FELIX 1.0: Official printer upgrades

Post by gfeliksdal »

New update files for Felix 1.0 users are posted. Transform your Felix 1.0 to the latest revision...Check the start post for details.

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Post by rolf »

In the shop there is a Upgrade kit Felix 1.5 to Felix 2.0, can we get the gcode files for those parts so that we can print those our self like mentioned on the site? (print your own upgrades)


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Post by Mikeee »

I have been trying to download the file print_assy_y_stage_v3.zip that is posted earlier in this message thread. Attempts to extract the zip file gives a corrupted file error. Downloaded it twice and tried to extract in Windows and Linux with the same result. Could this file please be posted again. I'd really like to upgrade the Y axis belt tensioner.


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Post by caigan »

I'm having issues downloading and extracting the same file, along with the Revision F files. They are giving me errors when attempting to extract with 7Zip and WinRar.

"An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file." is the error 7Zip gives me.

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