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stop printing halfway Print

Post by And326 »

The other day got my printer after 2.0 months of waiting.
Did a test print from Felix. All right, all went well.
But here was to do such work.
felix job_1.JPG
And half of the fourth layer there was a stop. From what is not clear. And the printer will no longer run. I had to restart it off and restart the program. What led to the collapse of the entire work. And so it happens all the time. If the printer does not touch it, it constantly resets the Com port.
How to solve this problem? (I have a printer connected via a cable to a length of 8 meters).

And so the question is whether, in the most Repetier-Host start printing at the place where the printing stopped? (in case of a hard reset), for example, crash stopped printing on 40112 lines of code.

When you run the code file with the sd card:
1. It is necessary to launch a heating table and an extruder? Or this will happen automatically, on command code?
2 Is it possible to disable the printer from the computer? Printer to operate itself. And then I'm afraid the same thing could happen, reset com port and stop printing.

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Post by kimmoli »

Try to enable ping-pong communications in printer settings. It solved my halt-issues.

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