Filament Spool Holder

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Re: Filament Spool Holder

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I would like to ask for help. I printed a bracket 1.3 generation, but after assembly I discovered that I have a wider spool (2.3 kg). It is 12 cm wide. Could someone extend the shorter arm? I do not have any software for this action. what software you use to design parts?

thank you very much

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I used Pro-E to model them. I adjusted the back side and moved it out 3cm which should account for your spool being that much wider than the one I modeled it for. Hope this helps.

Edit: Uploaded wrong file, should be correct now.
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I'm not sure why, but all of these spool holder .stl files I download seem to crash windows explorer every time I click on the file. I end up having to delete the files using Notepad (open > delete). Any suggestions why this may be happening or how to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I found the answer, regards:,160313

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Yes one more....Integrated Spool Holding System

We used the aluminum extrusion frame of the felix to support our spool holding design.
Using 7/8” aluminum tubing, (1) sealed bearing and (2) 10-24 SHCS and nut fasteners.

The bearing is held by the Spool Holder Upper and lower Half’s with a nice press fit. The only tool you need is a allen wrench.

You can customize the bearing tolerance on the aluminum tube by removing 0.002 - 0.003.

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Post by Capella_Ben »

Nice spool holders.

I have a few different spool sizes, so I made a more universal holder.

I find the two rollers work really well. I use a guide at the same place as your holder.
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bill.gertz wrote: Without further ado her are the updated STL files. For the spools of filament typically found in Europe print the mirrored standard spacing spool holder along with the wide spacing spool holder.
Hi Bill,
unfortunately I can't open your stl files. Repetierhost gives me a warning saying that loading the file has failed. Can I also find them somewhere else?

Best regards,

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