Suggestions for a level bed?

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Suggestions for a level bed?

Post by kerog »

Anyone have thoughts on the best way to cope with bed warping on the Felix 3 series? I had been printing with a cheap sheet of glass fastened to the bed using standard office clips. But I'm finding that the glass bows substantially in the middle, and that combined with the warpage in the bed itself gives me a really tough time printing large objects. Would a thicker pane of glass do better? Or has someone come up with a better method of securing the glass uniformly to the bed? I'm open to any ideas.

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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi Keith,

Adding glass to the bed is not recommended, because it will make the bed twice as heavy. Negatively effecting the print quality. So thicker glass would solve the flatness most likely but you will suffer in print quality.

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