Felix Pro 2?

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Felix Pro 2?

Post by kerog »

What's the difference between the Pro 1 and Pro 2? I couldn't tell from the main page...

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Post by Sander_Felix »

We are updating the productpage on a short term. Please find a description about the differences below:

FELIX Pro 2 improvements compared to the FELIX Pro 1

Get started even quicker
The automatic leveling already saves you a lot of time. To improve starting times we took a good look at essential parts to increase efficiency. Improved wiring and a more efficient firmware results in faster heating of both hot-ends and the build plate.

Spot on, every single time
The auto calibration mechanism has been completely redesigned to achieve an extreme level of accuracy. The Pro 2 contains a magnetic system which requires less maintenance and always results in a spot on calibrated 3D printer.

Simplified hot-end design (less is more)
The FELIX Pro 2 went through a redesign to simplify components and increase the overall durability. At FELIXprinters the design philosophy is to keep products as simple as possible. Every component needs a purpose. Simplifying the hot-ends strongly reduces potential errors and improves overall durability.

Biggest improvement of the redesign is the higher accuracy of the probing mechanism which is used for the build plate calibration. Due to use of magnets the Pro 2 hot-ends hardly require any maintenance. Using a magnetic mechanism results in a highly accurate measurement. Your FELIX Pro 2 will always be perfectly leveled.

Quicker sensor response
Several sensors within the Pro 2 have been upgraded to optical sensors. Within the Pro 2, the more sensitive optical sensors deliver a faster response and improved accuracy.

Simply Simplified
The FELIX Pro Series are all about Plug & Play. Besides the machine, the software is just as important. To get the most out of your FELIX, we have teamed up with Simplify3D. The software of Simplify3D contains amazing features and a highly intelligent algorithm. In combination with the FELIX Pro 2 it results in 3D prints of stunning quality.

Improved print quality
The redesign of several parts improved the performance of essential components. Due to a smoother flow of filament the print quality has also improved.

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Post by kerog »

Sounds great! Any of those improvements coming to the 3 series?

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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi Kerog,
We've planned to start with the development of the next generation Felix 3 after the pro 2 release is settled a bit. A couple of features of the pro will also be used. We're still debating on what exactly, since we still want to keep the 3 a bit barbone as it is now. Suggestions of wanted features are always welcome and will be taken into consideration of course.

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Post by kerog »

Good to hear.

My top desire: some way of avoiding or compensating for bed warping. Could be a detachable bed, could be an auto level mechanism.

Other desires: nozzle swapping (0.35 to 0.5 mm) or other access to extruders without having to remove the fan; clean fix for thermistor noise problem; full connectorization of all the wires that go to the extruder assembly; insulation for heated bed bottom.

I liked the 3.1 upgrades.

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