Extruder and Accuracy issue

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Extruder and Accuracy issue

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I have a Felix 3.0 for a while and now i did start to make some fine calibreations and first i started to print some test prints that is a square 100x60x10mm and it got some holes and some rods on it, and when i messure it the outsides get to big and the insides get to tight.
So i did start try to calibreate the extruder feeding, i put it to feed 100mm and then change steps per mm as i should to get a good result. But then i run it again and it feeds to much, run it again without change any and it feeds to less, so i wounder here a little what the problem could be actually. Cuz in the end now i did end up with the original steps per mm and every time i do the 100mm run the feeding fluctuates some mm up and down.

Thanks :)

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I assume the bed level is adjusted. It than might be the extruder arm tension. I suggest to play a bit with the screw. The following text is copied from the manual:

6. Extruder arm tension OK?
The extruder arm must be able to exert enough pressure on the filament. Turn the bolt on top of the extruder-arm counter-clockwise for more pressure.

Turn it clockwise to exert less pressure. With too much pressure on the arm the filament will be squashed too wide and cause a lot of friction inside the hot-end; eventually it might get stuck.

I hope this helps.

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