Intermittent extrusion, filament cludge in extruder

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Intermittent extrusion, filament cludge in extruder

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Found an issue and solution which i want to share.

While printing several items without any problems, now and then halfway printing an object failed. Suddenly no filament was comming out of the printerhead anymore. Printerhead made some strange noises.
Sometimes, printer missed some printing part in the middle and then was printing in air.
For some reason, filament got cludged in the extruder, i had to open it and remove the filament parts.
Then it happened when sitting next of the printer, the extruder made strange noise and no filament was coming out.
The stepper motor was hampering.
Then i moved the wiring to the printer head and the sound was gone. Filament came out of extruder again.

Close look at wiring showed me the root cause: one extruder stepper motor wire was nearly broken from the connector.
Few wiggles with the wire and it broke. The wiring of the printers head was tugging the wires of extruder motor #1.
The wiring bundle of the printer head was pulling at the stepper motor connector when the head was moving in X direction.

Soldered the connector pin.
Loosen the wires to extruder motor and used wire-wraps to mount it to the printer head.



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