Hot-End - temerature limit

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Hot-End - temerature limit

Post by Tygrik »


I am preparing to test Nylon fiber print. (1.75mm Nylon 618 White Filament and 1.75mm Nylon 645 Natural Filament)

I would like to know the thermal limit Hot-End before it starts softening extruder construction or Hot-End PEK).

(thx Luciof, I edit my text. This is Nylon, not Polycarbonate :) )

I also bought fiber Laywood. It's an interesting material that is printed at 205 ° C.
to do the test, so I will give the result ... t-via.html
another filament is Polycarbonate.
info from this webpage (

@ 30mm/Sec print speed you can go down to as low as 255 Degrees C without the extruder jamming, but really 265 should be used as a minimum.
@ 60mm/Sec print speed you need around 285 Degrees C constant hot-end temperature
@ 80mm/Sec the temperature needs to be 295-300
@ 120mm/sec a temperature of 305 Degrees C
Nylon 645
Nylon 645
Nylon 618
Nylon 618
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Post by luciof »

Hi Tygric,

the filament shown in your attachment is not polycarbonate but nylon, a completely different beast.
Luckily, it will need a lower temperature than PC.

By googling "Nylon 618" and "Nylon 645" you can get a good amount of useful info.
Please take also a look to:

BTW, I doubt that the current extrusion setup could withstand 300 deg. for a long time.
I've never tried anything but PLA, but would be very interested to hear about real experiences with Felix and other polymers (named ABS, nylon and pc).


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