Felix 3.1

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steve troppo
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Felix 3.1

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I just bought a diy 3.1 kit through Your Memories in Geldrop and am very impressed. It was built with me watching every step, helping when needed and the printer was calibrated and a few needed prints made before I could take it home. The service from Your Memories was excellent and is highly recommended.
I love the 3.1, as my first printer it is very portable, very sturdily built, upgradable and with the Service I got from Berry during and after the build I expect hassle free printing.
My first prints are already done, a few colored 3DBenchy's, 1 multi colored Benchy on single extruder and some test models before I get into printing planes and RC stuff.
A big shout out to Berry and Petra from Your Memories for putting up with me for 2 days of intense Questions while building, and their training and help getting me up to speed.

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