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Happy Easter!
I have a problem with printing from overhangs (see photos). For several weeks it has become worse. What can I do?
I own a Felix 3.0 with newest Repetierfirmware.
Cura as a slicer.
Felixprinters PLA Filament

The model comes from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2217436

2017-04-16 16.35.57.jpg
2017-04-16 11.55.04.jpg
2017-04-16 11.53.45.jpg
2017-04-16 11.52.47.jpg

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Post by ElektrOpa »

Hi, I am not sure, but I had similar problems with overhangs. They were warping up (one would expect,they warp down due to gravity) due to bad or missing cooling. Are you sure you have checked the cooling option in the slicer and your little blower is running with full speed. If not, just give it a try.

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