Prrinting with ABS

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Prrinting with ABS

Post by jawiko »

In order to avoid enormous warp due to not-sticking to the bed I found on internet a few hints:
1: Go to bed temperature between 80 end 90 degrees. Trying to do so, my Felix printer does not reach anything higher then 71 degrees. Is this normal or is it a defect?
2: Switch off the cooling. In the repetier slicer CuraEngine is a small squere to choose "activate cooling" or not. I made a g-code file for both cases. The results however appeared to be identical. M107 (Turn off fans) was found a few times, but in production all fans stayed on. Is this normal or is it a defect?

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Post by frankjoke »

I put a peace of my wife's old Ironing Board Covers on the bottom of the bed (with glue) and it heats up now to 90+ degrees!

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Post by kerog »

Lots of things you can do to help get good adhesion. Glue stick and hair spray help a bit. ABS slurry is another option. I myself bought a bottle of "WolfBite" from AirWolf, which works great, and one bottle lasts a long time. Fan should generally be off for at least the first few layers when printing with ABS. One thing to watch out for, though: if you get too good adhesion and print a large ABS object on a Felix 3 you can end up warping the bed. I think the removable plate on the Tec 4 will keep this from happening, and maybe the Pros are safe too. Insulation on the bottom can indeed help you get to higher temperatures. I'm a bit surprised you can't get above 71 degrees; are you printing in a cold garage or something?

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