Cleaning filament drivegear

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Cleaning filament drivegear

Post by In2motionDK »

How can i the easiest way clean the filament drivegear on a Felix Pro 2?
What will I have to take apart to get in there?

After at batch of bad ABS that keept giving me a filament JAM, I replaced the nozzle, but I think the drivegear needs to be cleaned too.


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Post by gfeliksdal »

Dear Peter, Taking apart is not necessary. I don't have pictures at hand. but basically take the following steps.
  1. Remove filament from extruder
  2. Open flap in front
  3. Take out hot-end
  4. Look from the bottom into the extruder, you will see the toothed drive_gear.
  5. Use a tweezer to clean out the teeth. It takes a little time, but saves you the hassle of disassembly.

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