Temperature Buildplate and printstop

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Temperature Buildplate and printstop

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I hope, you can help me for my problems.
Some days ago, I finished my upgrade Felix 3.1 to Tec4 and its very nice. But I have some questions.
1. I need a possibility (change some entries in the file configuration.h?) to extend the range of the buildtemperature to 120 degree like the version 3.1? I need higher temperatur for my asa-prints fo better stick.
2. If I stop the print from sd-card the printer goes in standby (the stepper are disabled, the fans stops). This is not optimal, when I make some tests with the simplify configuration in the scripts. So I have to switch off the printer, wait some seconds and then I can switch on. During this time the hotends and the build cool down. Can I retained the settings of temperature.
Thanks for help.

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