First Layer with 0.1mm - still struggling

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First Layer with 0.1mm - still struggling

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Basically it's a trouble shooting thread, but to get an overall-impression I would totally appreciate, if at least a few members can share their point of view on the topic. Probably we all can get something good out of this :)

I'm owning a Felix Printer 3.1. the left front corner (max_x,max_y) of the heatbed seems a little bit warped to minus-z-direction from the beginning (when i bought it) .

My regular print setup is pictureframe glass (about 20x30cm) and 3M blue tape.

I am printing mostly with 0.2 , but if i want to print with 0.1 I'm not able to get a first layer at all. My way to go now (thanks tos3d) : I am printing the first layer(s) with 0.2 and switching to 0.1mm. This setup works, but i get an elephant's foot.

This setup is okayish, but a pain when it gets to the postprocessing and combiining / glueiing 2 parts together.

My questions on this:
1) Did you print 0.1 layerheight without issues?
2) 0.1 printing layerheight leads to an accuracy of the heatbed smaller than that. Did anyone "optimize" the heatbed"?

Enjoy your day, guys

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Post by gfeliksdal »

Hi, to print the whole surface at 0.1mm requires a very good flatness of the plate, which is difficult to obtain, unless you mill a thick aluminum plate flat.

We have done extensive test with several plates with low weight, good thermal conductivity, high stiffness, flatness, reasonable price. The alu sandwich plate we use till so far meet all the above requirements best as far as we know.

If the bed is a bit older, the flatness might be reduced due to the heatcycles and also by removing big objects from the surface. So unfortunately best option is to use the 0.2 for first layer and use thinner layers afterwards.

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