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Re: LCD and SD

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I made an order for the "Ramps Smart LCD Controller (RAM003ULT)" from, as it looked very nice and all in one (lcd + sd + encoder wheel). Sadly enough, the order never made it to my hands. That was back to februari 2013, before I orded my Felix 1.5 printer kit, which I received about a week or two ago. Up to now the guy from fabber-parts doesn't respond to mails or phone anymore, so I lost the money and I still don't have an LCD-SD interface. So I'm searching again for a solution and the link to marco antonini certainly brings water to my mouth, but this time I don't want to waste money again.

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@framirez: Sorry to hear about your experience. If you want a cheap - but more labour intensive solution - you could have a look at my LCD/SD panel thread. Price is a little bit over $20 for my setup.

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we just might (some cloudy day) replace arduino with UDOO and add HD screen, and run repetitier host directly on the 'printer'


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Council is necessary.
I only only a beginner and only have ordered to myself Felix 2.0.
And consequently I want will ask this LCD the shield about working to work on our printer. Price - $75
It is very beautiful and simple in control
Image ... 0358JzD12c

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And326: These instructions should help you along:

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Can this LCD work with Felix printer? It has the SD function. ... tmega.html

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None of these will work on the new Felix 2.0 board as there is no i2C pins available as these displays to use to communicate, unless you solder on directly to the CPU.

My biggest dislike of the new Felix 2.0 Board is the lack of expansion and flexibility in terms of expansion. I have a few things I'd like to add in terms of a laser diode cutter head and some RGB LED Light control, but not possible with the board unless I hack it by soldering the unused pins on the CPU, ugh!!!

All unused I/O isn't being bought out to headers like the ramps controller. While I have the Felix2 with the new controller, I'm seriously thinking of installing a Ramps controller just to access unused I/O. Also it's well documented, while the Felix2.0 controller, while possibly based on a Ramps controller??? appears to be going the way of a closed design :( no schematics available online?

I did however get a copy of the schematics while trying to track down an LCD problem I'm having after asking Guillaume, however I've been asked not to distribute, so leads me to think it's closed :(

The SainSmart LCD should be able to be made to work as there is a prog port which uses SPI

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that little sainmart display would be cool and cheap too :)
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